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Event Report and Award Winners

The “Jiangsu Cup” Chinese Speech Contest was held on Nov. 7, 2012 at Emory’s Performing Arts Center to a full house. Nineteen finalists from Emory University, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Spelman College selected from over 40 applicants in areas universities and colleges participated in the contest. Five officials from Jiangsu International Cultural Exchange Center, 11 faculty members and 10 students from Nanjing University along with more than 200 faculty and students from Emory and the local community attended the contest. Several local news media covered the event.

In their wonderful speeches, contestants delighted the audience with stories of their experience learning Chinese and studying abroad. Some related humorous episodes in adapting to living with host families in China, and traveling in China, and some talked about their fanscination with Chinese culture and food. Students from the advanced level and heritage group also showcased their sound knowledge of Chinese culture, history and tradition.

Nanjing University and Jiangsu International Cultural Exchange Center provided generous prizes for the winners. Sixteen contestants won various awards to study and travel in China. Our warmest congratulations to all contestants and winners. Check out the event photo gallery at the bottom.

Award Winners:

Intermediate Level:

  • Silver: Abigail Holst 王晓雯 (Emory University)
  • Silver: Hyun Jin Kim 金泫辰 (Emory University)
  • Bronze: Chris Harper 郝克雷 (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  • Bronze: Teran Heir 何天信 (Emory University)

Intermediate-Advanced Level:

  • Silver: Nicole Linderman 林秀慧 (Emory University)
  • Silver: Thanh Thuy Phan 潘美水 (Emory University)
  • Bronze: Ji Yun Won 元志允 (Emory University)
  • Bronze: Austin Andrew Fitzpatrick 付安桐 (Emory University)

Advanced Level:

  • Gold: Hyeok Hweon Kang 姜赫喧 (Emory University)
  • Bronze: Jennifer Boudreau 宝宝  (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  • Bronze: Laura Lachman 刘罗兰  (Emory University)

Heritage Speakers:

  • Gold: David Wu 吴思辰 (Emory University)
  • Bronze:Ruya Zhao 赵儒雅 (Emory University)
  • Bronze:Zhilin Zheng 郑之林 (Emory University)

Photo Gallery: