Chinese Instrument Xun

"The Chinese Instrument Xun: Histor and Demonstration" by Professor Shibin Zhou, Capital Nornal University, Beijing, China.

Time: 4:00-5:00pm, March 22

Location: White Hall 103, 201 Dowman Drive, Atlanta GA 30322

Free and open to the public

In recent years, more and more people are attracted by a unique and charming sound of a musical instrument played in concerts and films. It has a quite expressive tone quality of its own, simple, deep, elegant with a sound like sobbing, a sound that cannot be produced by other instruments. The instrument is called Xun, one of the oldest Chinese musical instruments with more seven thousand years of history. In this lecture, Professor Zhou, will present a brief history of the Xun followed by a demonstration of a few traditional pieces of Chinese music played on the Xun.

About the speaker

Shibin Zhou is a professor and doctoral adviser in the Music College of Capital Normal University in Beijing, China. As the first person in China awarded a Master’s degree in Music Psychology, he is a well-known music psychologist and therapist, educator, and Xun performer. He is currently the President of the Chinese Music Psychology Association and the President of the Xun Professional Committee, a branch of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Association. Professor Zhou also serves as the Vice President of Chinese Music Education Professional Committee and the Vice president of the Chinese Music Therapy Association.

Shibin Zhou has published extensively on Xun, the oldest musical instrument in China. Zhou has collaborated with the Children and Young Women's Chorus of China’s National Symphony Orchestra led by the renowned choir conductor Hongnian Yang and performed solos and acted as concertmaster in the Beijing Concert Hall and the National Library of China. Zhou regularly offers classes in the Music College of the Capital Normal University on Xun. Among the pieces he played is the theme music for a popular television series about ancient Guanzhong. Zhou has also regularly given lectures and performances of Xun music on university campus in the United States and Europe.