Faculty Research Colloquium

"China’s air pollutant and CO2 emissions – uncertainty and impacts" presented by Eri Saikawa, Environmental Sciences and Public Health, Emory

Time: Oct. 2, 2015, 1:30pm - 2:30pm

Location: Modern Languages 201

Free and open to the public

Obtaining precise estimates for air pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions is essential for implementing effective mitigation policies. In late 2014, China made an greement with the United States to peak its carbon dioxide emissons by the 2020. The Lima Climate Change Conference converged on a deal, committing every country to reduce fossil fuel emissions. China has declared a "war against pollution" and the government is trying to slim down heavily polluting industries, such as steel, cement and glassmaking. However, despite the importance of accurate emissions estimates, we find large discrepancies in China's current CO2 and air pollutant emissions estimates in global and regional emissions inventories. Our finding demonstrate the need for policy makers and scientists to consider the uncertainties embedded in the emissions inventories and use of data cautiously.

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