Echoes of Nature: Dialogues between Music and Art

“Echoes of Nature: Dialogues between Music and Art" , presented by Professor Nan Liu, Florida A&M University, and Professor Haiqiong Deng, Florida State University.

Feb. 26, 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Burlington Road Building, Room 118

In traditional China the four arts of qin (stringed instrument), qi (Chinese strategy game of go), shu (calligraphy) and hua (painting) were considered essentials in the cultivation of a scholar and gentleman in ancient China and the practice continued till the 19th century. Throughout China’s dynastic history, famous scholars were simultaneously poets, musicians, painters and calligraphers all at once. The lecture will explain the origin of the four arts in the Confucian tradition, the intersection of music and art and how it influenced Chinese intellectual tradition in premodern China. During the lecture, the presenters will also discuss the philosophical principles behind the expression of traditional Chinese music and art and demonstrate how the two art forms are combined in a perfect harmony for self-expression and appreciation of the natural world. For event flyer, click here.

About the speakers:

Nan Liu
Assistant Professor, Drawing, Painting & Art Education, Florida A& M University

Dr. Liu’s artworks have been exhibited across the United States among public institutes, museums, and galleries. Many of his paintings and drawings were collected by private patrons. Nan has won several juried exhibitions and shows both in Arkansas and in Florida during his tenure as a student in both cities. In 2005, Nan was awarded the Mario Plescia Award for painting by Florida State University. Nan has given presentations on the subject of Chinese Art, especially Chinese brush painting and calligraphy, across the country among universities, museums, public schools, conferences and symposiums. Nan had taught art classes for all age-level groups and has worked with young students from kindergarten to high school, college students, and senior citizens.

Haiqiong Deng

Professor Deng earned her bachelor’s degree from Shanghai Conservatory of Music and Master’s degree in Ethnomusicology from Florida State University. She currently teaches at Florida State University School of Music and is director of the Chines Ensemble of the School of Music. She has published a number of CDs and has performed in concerts in the United States and abroad.